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Data: 15 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)

You have to work a soldier riot police. Terrorism is a storm of mankind and his path is SWAT. Full version of the game, plus a large modification The Stetchkov Syndicate.

About game:

• Seven new missions;
• New story, linking all the tasks;
• New types of objectives;
• The co-operative mode for 10 players;
• New types of weapons;
• New multiplayer mode Smash and Grab;
• Support for voice communication in the game;
• New equipment;
• Support for in-game statistics.

The United States is mired in sin. Crazy freaks, greedy murderers, rapists, perverts clogged streets! But they were unruly mob smashed against the wall of indestructible soldiers SWAT, an elite unit of American police. The first round in the struggle for peace won by the citizens, the criminals have been imprisoned or killed. But the victory in one battle does not guarantee a laurel wreath at the war's end ...
Curbing the lesser of two evils - the criminals lone SWAT team was faced with a much more serious problem - organized crime syndicates. Mortally dangerous drugs avalanche devastated the country, weapons flowed endlessly overflowing river, and can not see a limit to this madness. Your task: to go to the curators of the most profitable shady business, find and neutralize them. Even if to do so will have to leave their hearth and home and go to Eastern Europe!
Take part in the crime drama. Writers seriously approached the plot, so ŤSWAT 4: The Syndicate Stechkin" unfolds before your eyes the whole detective story. Disruption of criminal transactions, search for drug barons and arms dealers, the identification of traitors, lightning-quick operation to seize the kings of the criminal world - the game is not inferior to the best of Hollywood's masterpieces. But here you are - not the audience, and the protagonist, for seven episodes of defending the right of citizens to a peaceful life!
Say, you hear! Without coordination detachment is not possible, no surgery. But where the second delay is equivalent to death, the speed is worth its weight in gold. You do not have to look for orders in the menu, the fighters realize a live speech. Voice Command!
The attack in unison - the key to success! In ŤSWAT 4: The Syndicate Stechkin" an entirely new system of delay commands. A soldier remembers all received orders, but begins to perform them only after a visual signal commander. Thus, the unit starts to storm synchronously to the nearest second.
Do not risk alone. ŤSWAT 4: The Syndicate Stechkin" you can take ten men! Two teams of five people will be able to play a huge number of tactical combinations. You may also select a commander to coordinate the actions of all men. Well, when the tire dodge and drive the enemy into a trap, helps to relax the new regime Smash & Grab, in which teams confront each other.
You played in SWAT 4 and think you know everything? Vouch, some types of weapons and tools of the new game is not familiar to you, even on film.

[center]SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)

SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)

SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)

SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)

SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)

Title: SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009)
Year: 2009
Genre: Tactical shooter
Developer: 2K Australia/Vivendi Games
Platform: PC

Language: English
Publication Type: Full game + expansion pack (modification,total conversation)
Crack: Crack
File Size: 1,1 GB
System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2400 + / Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
- RAM: 1024 MB
- Video: nVidia GeForce 4 Ti / ATI Radeon 9500
- Sound: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
- Control: Keyboard, Mouse

Download SWAT 4 + Expansion : The Stetchkov Syndicate (2009):

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