Data: 15 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

178 flash games for Clix (PC/CLIX/FLASH/ENG/JAP)

Best of the best! Unnical collection! Archive include flash games and programs for the player Iriver Clix. Games designed for engine Flash lite 2.1, so that almost all the games you can play on your computer or other device supports Flash lite 2.1

About game:

Supported models:
iriver Clix U10, iriver Clix U20, Powerman XL85, Cowon D2, other iriver and iriver compatible models...

Tags: cowon games, flash games for pmp, iriver clix games, flash games for iriver clix, games for powerman xl85 etc...

Title: 178 flash games for Clix (PC/CLIX/FLASH/ENG/JAP)
Year: 2010
Genre: flash games for clix
Developer: Minigate, Flash game world, Blue sky north, Smashingideas and another

Language: English/Japan
Publication Type: Collection
File Size: 23 mb
System requirements:
Flash Lite 2.1

Download 178 flash games for Clix (PC/CLIX/FLASH/ENG/JAP):

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