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Data: 13 Listopad 2010
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CommFort Client 5.03ŕ + CommFort Server 5.00 (Unlimited Server from GL) 5.00 x86+x64 (Multi) (2010)

CommFort Client 5.03ŕ + CommFort Server 5.00 (Unlimited Server from GL) 5.00 x86+x64 (Multi) (2010) | 10,2 MB

CommFort - client-server program designed for communications in the home or corporate network.

Text link:
CommFort combines all that is necessary for text communication between users: in the channels of communication, instant messaging, animated emoticons and message board. The entire text information transmitted in Unicode.

Share images:
CommFort quickly, conveniently and efficiently exchange images. Inserted into public, private channels and messages are automatically compressed to ensure maximum comfort with minimal load on the network.

File Transfer:
CommFort lets you share files and folders with the highest possible speed and convenience. Just drag and drop the files or folders on the image in the list - and the transfer will begin. Advanced buffering mechanisms make the best use of network resources with bandwidth from 32 Kbps to 1000 Mbps. The system will resume to complete the transfer of files even in case of breakage of communication between users for up to 5 minutes.

Audio and video:
CommFort allows not only to make audio and video calls between the interlocutors, but also to hold videoconferences with up to 32 partiCENZURAnts. In this case, data is transmitted between the clients directly, bypassing the server, thus the saving of network resources. A optimization under conditions of high-speed networks has allowed to achieve the highest quality picture and sound with minimal time lags.

What's new?
5.00 - a new, completely revised, compatible with previous versions CommFort.

- Sharing with the support of conferences. Module voice completely redone. Now possible to transfer video from your webcam, as well as simultaneous communication (conference) between multiple users (the maximum number of users in the conference - 32). As before, the module is optimized for use in high-speed networks and provides the highest quality picture and sound with minimum delay.

- A new bulletin board. Now, in a bulletin board maintained by the structure, commenting, adding images, surveys, smiles.

- Support for Unicode. In addition to full freedom in the use of different scripts, Unicode eliminates all possible problems with encoding and depending on the language system.

- Updated the protocol to withstand 2 times greater load as compared with the previous version. Design load increased from 2500 to 5000 connections, the maximum - from 4000 to 10 000.

Smaller-scale renovation have been other components of the program: transfer of files, information about users, individual users, administration.

As before, the update is free for holders of licenses for the server part of the previous versions, which will be sent a link to the new version to registered users within 48 hours after release.

CommFort can work not only in local area networks and the Internet. Terminal clients are supported.

Sign in:
Password authentication allows you to securely attach to each user of your account.

CommFort offers tools for centralized administration. Separation of powers allows you to assign individual rights and especially to any user. A flexible system of constraints, bad word filter and filter flood can maintain order in a large number of users-customers.

CommFort able to work simultaneously with more than 5,000 online users and clients.

System requirements:
Platform: Minimum
Language: Multi
Crack: Complete, the patch
Year: 2010


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