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Data: 12 Listopad 2010
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Personal Finances Pro 4.1 (Multi) (2010)

Personal Finances Pro 4.1 (Multi) (2010) | 4,64 MB

Personal Finances Pro - a professional version of the program, designed to manage personal expenses and income. This program will help you control your finances - understand where your money is going to allocate too "inflated" items of expenditure and cut down unnecessary expenses. Distinctive feature is the beautiful and thoughtful interface, ease of use and clarity of results. Program is based on the idea of cost sharing and revenue category, which allows you to immediately, without the need to examine records to see where and how much money is spent. Expenditures and revenues as well we can divide by family members and assign them special labels. Thus, one can easily appreciate the cash flow - from the overall picture to the smallest detail. The program interface is translated into several languages, including Russian.

Key features:
• Unlimited number of accounts, currencies, categories and sub-categories.
• Presentation of data in the form of a calendar transaction scheduler regular transactions
• Results of all, graphs and reports, print, import and export data.
• Customizable user fields, sorting by any field, grouping transactions by name.
• Division of transactions by category, tags and family members, protection of the database password.

Some interesting features:
• User-friendly interface and hidden toolbars allow you to work comfortably on screens with lower resolution on such computers as the ASUS Eee PC.
• "fast flow" helps to introduce repetitive transactions without re-filling all the form fields.
• Make copies. Any transaction can be copied with the necessary corrections, the remaining values will be identical.
• AutoComplete. You do not need to enter the name of the transaction, every time - you can simply choose from the list of existing ones.
• Save the date last entered transaction - makes it easy to create a transaction "backdating."

Treatment procedure:
Install the program and register with any serial from Serial.txt

System requirements:
Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 č 64 bits)
Language: Multi
Crack: Complete, ready-keygen
Year: 2010


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