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Data: 11 Listopad 2010
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Adobe Audition 4.0 (BETA Build 10) (Eng) (2010)

Adobe Audition 4.0 (BETA Build 10) (Eng) (2010) | 107 MB

Adobe Systems Company today announced the public beta version of its music editor Audition for a system of Mac OS X. Earlier - all three of the previous release - it was available only for Windows.

According to the developers, Audition is a complete solution for recording, mixing, editing and mastering audio. It is built on the basis of a new architecture that allows both to fine-tuning of individual files, and create multitrack mixes. In addition, Audition includes tools for better sound quality, with which users can easily modify the problematic record for a suitable result.

Among the key features of Adobe Audition for Mac - a new, fast engine for audio playback, built-in support for multi-channel audio 5.1, for professional results, features noise reduction and restoration of records, as well as new audio effects, including de-hummer, de-esser and volume leveler.

"At KPFK broadcast news and music replaced live broadcasts and interviews, and clear sound quality for us is a must - says Leksey Ali (Ali Lexa), a software producer and director of Web KPFK Radio. - Currently, Audition is a very popular tool on the radio, and we are very pleased to rise Mac-version of this decision. This is the fastest version of Audition, which I've ever run, and she has a lot of new features, is capable of smoother skrabbinga and can open and import the files in the background, allowing you to simultaneously continue to work on the project. We liked how the program in real time allows us to consistently apply the effects (effect stacking), as well as advanced automation and the ability to switch quickly (quick bounces) in a multitrack editor. The new version of Adobe managed to maintain a balance of performance and functionality, and it will definitely help us get rid of excess stress when preparing our gear to the airwaves. "

System requirements:
Platform: Mac with Intel Ž

Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later

RAM: 1GB, 2GB for HDV and HD

2GB free hard disk space

Display with a resolution of at least 1280x800 and a video card that supports OpenGL 2.0

Sound card compatible with Core Audio

QuickTime 9
Language: Eng
Crack: not required
Year: 2010


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