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Data: 11 Listopad 2010
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GenoPro 2007 (Eng+Rus) (2010)

GenoPro 2007 (Eng+Rus) (2010) | 2,44 MB

GenoPro - a genealogy program for compiling family tree and genealogy murals.
The program allows you to display a complete graphical representation of your family tree. With GenoPro You can freely create and edit a graphical presentation of your entire tree of ancestors and descendants.
GenoPro - one of the world's most popular genealogy programs. It is used by genealogists, doctors, social workers, teachers, as well as researchers in these areas. GenoPro program is translated and available in 25 languages in 170 countries.
The program is convenient and simple. GenoPro allows you to build a family tree a few mouse clicks. Just double-clicking the person, you can add as many details as you want, including trade data, education, contact information, place of residence and an unlimited number of images for each object. Available in GenoPro Master Families - a simple tool to add a new family, adding a second spouse, or simply to add children to an existing family. Rotate the mouse wheel you can zoom in or out the map to see detailed information, or all of the tree as a whole. Of course, GenoPro supports a standard set of features such as infinite number of cancel and return to action, copy and paste, and print and print preview.

Key features
* Ease of use
* Presentation of data in graphic form, as well as tables
* A large number of fields for storing information
* Full support for standard GEDCOM
* The publication of genealogical data on the WEB site
* Building a family tree mural
* Virtually unlimited number of persons and other objects in the database
* The regular release of new versions (bug fixes and expanding the current capacity)

Treatment procedure:
- Sets the program.
- Copy the patch to the installation folder to apply the patch and enter the room
- And you're done

System requirements:
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven
Language: Eng+Rus
Crack: patch
Year: 2010


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