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Data: 11 Listopad 2010
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AIMP 2.61.583 Portable + Skins 2.61.583 (Multi) (2010)

AIMP 2.61.583 Portable + Skins 2.61.583 (Multi) (2010) | 59,2 MB

AIMP - is a multifunctional audio center. With its built-in utilities, you can easily convert music from one format to another, record audio from a microphone or other audio device, edit tags of music files, as well as group to rename or sort them. AIMP Classic is based on the well-known audio engine BASS - you can easily plug-ins from this library to AIMP.

Player: Automatic split into separate tracks when you add a file having a CUE-Sheet Player: Ability to disable nested context menu in Windows Explorer Player: A list of available audio devices added to 'Windows Default' Player: Added replay part of the track (AB Repeat) Player: Added effect a smooth transition for rewind track player: Added option to disable windows adhesion player: When playing a CUE-Sheet to a running line will show the actual format of the track player: The length and size of selected files in the playlist player: Supports embedded CUE-Sheet to format WV, FLAC, APE Player: reconnection to Internet radio player with a loss of connection: Reading playlists in XSPF format player: Adjustable pause between tracks player: Template file name NGrab Radio Player: Adjustable speed scrolling of items in the playlist player: Reduced consumption of system resources * Removed scroll function names in Playlist * Removed the ability to integrate the player into the library due to the instability Tag Editor: Added the 'Disc number' Tag Editor: Ability to edit embedded CUE-Sheet Tag editor [advanced]: added a column 'availability of the album cover in the tag file' Tag editor [advanced search ]: Mass removal of selected tags Tag editor [advanced]: Minipleer for preview Tag editor [advanced]: Displays the subfolders in the list of files, Skins Engine: Added a mode of 'All In One' Skins Engine: Added controller saturation Skins Engine: Added ability to create custom containers Skins Engine: added new elements - CoverArt, Rating Display, AB Repeat Mode Skins Engine: Support for translucency for elements that can not contain other elements Skins Engine: Updated Docking Engine Plugins: the newscast has been moved to a plugin plugins: Automatic shutdown computer made in Plugin Plugins: Added a viewer list of active Internet Radio Shoutcast / Icecast Plugins: Added CoverArt Downloader Kernel: Under Windows Vista and above will be used 'Vista Dialogs' instead of the classical kernel: Navigation on the first letter typed on items in the TreeView Kernel: Faster rendering single-line text Core: Optimizing the internal functions and classes in core: Minor remarks Core: Read information about the audio content of MusePack v8 Infolenta: The smooth appearance and disappearance of Infolenta: Optional display album art Infolenta: Ability to adjust alignment Infolenta: Ability to disable infolenty in full-screen applications Audio Library: The ability to reset the statistics Audio Library: Optimization of queries to DB Audio Library: Support for CUE-Sheet Audio Library: Playlists Sort by Rating Audio Library: Managing move a file DSP-Manager: Reset button effects in the default DSP-Manager: updated algorithm for the equalizer DSP-Manager: Support for tag 'replay gain' in module 'Auto-alignment of the volume' DSP-Manager: Improved compatibility with DFX9 Queue: Ability to save the queue as a playlist Queue: Ability to disable saving the queue when you shut down the player Queue: Move the mouse points to the queue manager Sound : in a separate package of Sound: Optimized engine Audio Converter: in a separate package of audio converter: Optimized engine Audio Converter: Added option to 'ignore the file if this is already in the destination folder' Audio Converter: Automatically delete suffix '_new', if the source file is deleted after the conversion.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7
Language: Multi
Crack: Not required
Year: 2010


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