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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: leksema26
Data: 10 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Ad Muncher 4.9.32300 Final + Portable (Eng) (2010)

Ad Muncher 4.9.32300 Final + Portable (Eng) (2010) | 6,59 MB

Travelling on the Internet should have a pretty strong nervous system in response to aggressive behavior sites. Soon, ten years as the best, a small Australian program Ad Muncher offers you a new fast and high quality travel across the expanses of the network without the annoying commercials.
Works with virtually all modern browsers Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Netscape, and c an add-on Internet Explorer, such as Maxthon and Avant Browser. Allows thus to increase the speed of loading pages and save bandwidth. Ad Muncher - tool for removing pop-up windows and banner ads. The main feature - a small size. Works from the system tray, integrates with virtually all browsers, as well as remove ads from ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, iMesh, and other programs. Despite the modest size, the program is perfectly remove ads from the visited pages, identifying them by: address, size, signature (tag alt). It is worth it to install and can be freely vzdohut, cow shavaet "all the ads, and you lose your banners, counters, pop-ups and other garbage on web pages and wonder how you lived before!

In addition to banners Ad Muncher successfully fights: music on the pages, background images, pop-up windows (popups), automatically updated pages, scripts that change the state status bara scripts that block right mouse button. Everything is optional and can be configured. Ad Muncher does not require additional configuration software, it works
d Muncher v4.9 Changelog":
Release date: November 10th, 2010

Most significant changes: An entirely new patching system, with full support for
filtering 64-bit applications. Many small bug fixes
and improvements.

[Build]/[Type] - [Description] ==================================================

Key: E = Enhancement
F = Fix

32121/E - Finished implementing the new patching system. The new system is
a great improvement on the old one, and should result in more
reliable and stable connection intercepts. It also fully supports
filtering of 64-bit applications (for example, Internet Explorer
64), and will allow us to filter some functions that we couldn't
previously. The latter capability is planned to enable Ad Muncher
to deal with more system annoyances in the future.
32130/F - Fixed crash under XP.
32150/E - Added authenticode signature to the installer and main Ad Muncher
program file to help our users tell when the installer has been
modified by third parties.
32166/E - Changed the arrangement of the installer and main program files,
resulting in a 5% reduction in installer size and a 59% reduction
in installation size.
32183/E - Improved UAC handling in the installer.
32187/F - Fixed possible failure to filter content.
32188/E - Improved XML overlap correction.
32189/E - Improved error reporting in automatic update system.
32193/E - Improved error reporting when failing to load hook code into Winsock
32194/F - Fixed occasional duplicate license validations when only one is
32195/F - Fixed incorrect reporting of last program update.
32196/F - Fixed unnecessary file left behind from old installations when
upgrading to v4.9.
32199/F - Fixed possible failure to correctly hook winsock functions.
32200/F - Fixed lack of filtering for WebSite-Watcher.
32201/E - Improved stability of patching system.
32204/E - Improved video ad replacement.
32209/E - Improved overlap correction on RSS content.
32227/E - Several improvements to the installer and uninstaller.
32228/F - Fixed occasional directory creation errors in the installer.
32258/F - Rewrote some of the patching functions, minimizing the number of
patches needed and improving the reliability in several places.
32260/F - 64-bit patching has been temporarily disabled under Windows XP x64
edition until we can figure out why it's causing some programs to
crash. The crash doesn't appear to affect newer versions of
32265/E - The installer will now check all parent folders are present when
creating new directories, and if not create them.
32267/F - Small fix to helper script formatting.
32300/E - Several improvements to the helper script.
Treatment procedure:
1. Install the program
2. If it does not start automatically, then run it
3. Introduce Name: Komputer SWIAT
Code: 56C4A951-238697B3
4. Click "Register"
5. A window appears with the error
6. Click on "Proxy options"
7. Are putting a tick "Use proxy when ..."
9. Vibiraem working anonymous proxy Polish
10. Copy the first (for example and paste it into our open window in a row "Adrress:"
11. Copy the second part after two tochiya (in my case) 80 and paste it into our open window in the line "Port:"
12. Click "Ok"
13. Click "Retry"
14. If you receive an error "Error when verifying license: Error ...", click again" Retry "
15. And so until everything is completed safely and appears on "Your license was successfully ..."
16. Rejoice

System requirements:
Platform: Windows all
Language: Eng
Crack: Ready keygen + Advanced TOR
Year: 2010


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