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Wolfenstein: The Battle of Stalingrad (2004/RUS)

Wolfenstein: The Battle of Stalingrad (2004/RUS)

Game: Wolfenstein: The Battle of Stalingrad
Original title: Wolfenstein: The Battle of Stalingrad
Year: 2004
Genre: Action
Developer: NeoGame
Publisher: NeoGame
Publication Type: license
Language: Russian
Platform: PC

Game description:
Our story about the inconspicuous soldier who was unknown to anyone until the 96 th year. The newspaper "Arguments and Facts" published an article about partisan that performed constant blows to the German invaders at Stalingrad during the entire siege. Author of the article was Irina Lyublyakovskaya, DC newspaper reporter. Where it took about Gennady Grass - is unclear, but it is this hero decided to base the game. Gennady was an ordinary rank and file, the platoon of which was left to retreat from the city ... Alas, the platoon was unable to get out of the encirclement and was destroyed. Further, Gennady was hiding in the ruins of the city and tried to do sabotage German troops. His small force caused significant damage to the invaders, but it captured. Shook him by a German camp for 3 years, and in 1945 he was released. But even Nov. 12, 1947 th he was shot as a traitor and perebezchik ...

System requirements:
Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Seven
Pentium III 1600 MHz,
512 Mb RAM, 128 MB video card,
sound card, DVD-ROM

Wolfenstein: The Battle of Stalingrad (2004/RUS)
Wolfenstein: The Battle of Stalingrad (2004/RUS)

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